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Alex of Macedon

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warm sugary breeze [Apr. 14th, 2015|01:49 am]
Alex of Macedon
[Current Music |mixtape of funky arabic tunes collected by janis jarkarta]

I left a continent on fire four years ago to end up on a sinking one, and it seems the rest will soon be flooded. I am gonna need a bigger gun.

Is it really recommendable to focus on one thing at a time, have one social group at a time, one livelihood, one life? I feel the more you spread yourself out in this world, the more vulnerable your mind and soul become to outside forces, if not for the proper rational adjustments. Protractively displaced experiences from one another can lead to a loss of self and location; location as adjacency. Does meeting hundreds of differently oriented people, while enriching, produce a beneficial output without exception? Maybe the vignettes of a beer with a Mozambican gardener, the kayak trip with the Spanish hippies, the talk with a roommate about love in winter, or the plane ride to Seattle with the WWII veteran are too disparate. So many viewpoints to juggle, absorb, and take stock of.

This could be the misgiving hamlet dwellers refer to in their will to grow where they are planted. Maybe it is just better to be an insipid, one-track human being with a convergent goal, with a strong trunk, for the sake of a centered self, and far from something self-centered.

In the end, I think the farmer deserves more credit than the writer. "Los logros del pasado y el presente no garantizan el futuro, sino lo hacen mas perceptible."