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jack daniels and sabucco - Dépêche-toi maintenant, maintenant [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Alex of Macedon

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jack daniels and sabucco [Oct. 27th, 2012|01:01 pm]
Alex of Macedon
[Current Mood |weirdachey breaky.]
[Current Music |the meters- cissy strut]

pontian turkish dancing followed a convo about how greeks feel right at home in istanbul, and turks feel likewise visiting thessaloniki. had a discussion about the dodgey altaic supergroup language family. still under debate in turkey, it resonates really well with an ethnos which wants to have an asiatic connection, one end to the other. it just makes me wonder about the whole indo-european family; linguists and social scientists were looking for connections between the IE languages because they saw similarities, researched them further and discovered a point of origin. so why shouldn't turkish linguists do the same, if no one else will take it upon themselves. but politically driven studies for ethnic origins-- and as the past shows-- do bring about dangerous outcomes. IE is par excellence the liberal study dating back to the 1600's. today, it can be used for an argument for uniting peoples left and right north and south, and could be claimed as a force of globalization. but its the exclusivity of these super groups that unite people and force others out, almost like a form of ethnic supranationalism.
i think the first cold arrived yesterday....
watching jackie brown makes me incredibly nostalgic for LA. i think it owes to it being a 90's movie showing a city you grew up with, the throwback to blaxploitation movies and really getting into the soundtrack when i was 17. it's been a year since i've moved here. i am not sure i am any more sure about what i want to do, as being a student, i put off not putting off about thinking about life and where to go. clinching the NGO job would be the best step forward, definitely.